Anti-Racism & Bias Training for Teachers

Our online Anti–Racist Teacher Training is an 8 month course from January-August 2021. The content is designed to support participants as they learn anti-racist anti-bias practice and unlearn narratives that perpetuate inequality. Teachers who take part will receive:

  • Monthly 2.5-hour group sessions covering themes including whiteness, deficit thinking, and identity

  • A bespoke anti-racism in education reading list based on the needs of the group

  • Weekly drop-in office hours 

  • Weekly engagement from the Class 13 team to support their learning.

  • Exclusive use of the Class 13 supervision app ​

This course is completely free and open to all teachers committed to dismantling inequality in their school. Group sizes are small to ensure everyone can engage and gain from the process. Our training runs on a 4-week cycle examining a new theme each month:

Week One – A short required reading. Expect to see bell hooks, Zeus Leonardo, Nicola Rollock and Gloria Ladson-Billings. We will also provide additional academic and multimedia sources to support your exploration. 

Week Two/Four - Class 13 has developed a supervision web-based application called Open Door. Open Door allows Class 13 staff to send out questions to participants. The participants will see the question and be asked to record an immediate audio response. The responses to these questions will be used to influence the sessions as form part of our evaluation process. 

Week Three - This is all about connecting theory with practice. We will facilitate group discussions which will be centred around the required reading of that cycle. We encourage participants to engage honestly and enthusiastically, bringing examples from their own practice and experiences to better understand how they can incorporate any new knowledge and understanding in their day-to-day. We understand that some issues may feel out of our control but we work together to find practical ways to overcome any challenges.



Class 13 is a new charity. We do not charge fees because we want our projects to be accessible to everyone who wants to improve their teaching practice. However, we would appreciate any support you can provide through a regular donation. A regular donation means that we can provide the best resources to support you on your journey and can also continue to plan for the future, making our projects more accessible to even more people like you.

 Therapeutic Support

Subject to funding

The process of challenging long-held beliefs can be both mentally and physically exhausting. We will arrange for an accredited counsellor, to provide culturally responsive support for participants. If we are unable to obtain funding for this we can point you in the right direction to ensure you’re able to access the right support yourself.


The class of 2021 will be our first and plays an important role in our long-term vision for Class 13. We will be asking for a pay-what-you-can monthly donation which will help cover running costs and show funders there is popular support for our project. 

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please feel free to contact the team, or sign up above. 

How we’re different:

We know systems change is a difficult and lengthy process, which is why we make a difference by working in a long-term way with people across the Children and Young People’s sector. The murder of George Floyd has brought anti-racisim into the forefront of public discourse, with the Black Lives Matter movement in particular emphasising the need for big systemic action, including calls to ‘defund the police’. 

Whilst racism in the criminal justice system is visible in the media and rightly at the front of our minds, we must remember that social inequality is also embedded in our school and social care systems. If we really believe in dismantling inequality, we have to address white supremacy in the very community institutions that people propose we redistribute funds to. ​We have to start where our children and young people learn, working with the people they learn from. 

Class 13 is not a project that offers 1-day anti-bias training. We ask schools to ‘commit’ to working with us as acknowledgement of how in-depth the work will be.

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