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Class 13 is on a mission to transform the education system. We support teachers to recognize, reflect, and respond to their racial and wider biases so that all children can access an education that promotes free expression, as guaranteed to them by Article 13 of the UN convention on the Rights of the Child. 


We believe that deficit thinking plays a central role in enabling racism and other inequalities to thrive in our education system. By working collaboratively with teachers and others in the Children and Young People's sector, we know we can raise awareness of deficit thinking and equip professionals with the Anti-Racist-Anti-Oppressive tools needed to create truly inclusive spaces for young people. 


But wait! What is deficit thinking? And if it's so bad why aren't more people talking about it? We've created an extensive training program to explore the concept with teachers in greater depth. You can start learning about deficit thinking here.


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Why Do We Need An Anti-Racist Approach Within Education?

  • Over half of newly qualified teachers self report feeling unprepared to teach in diverse classrooms.   

  • Black boys are three times more likely to be excluded from school than their white counterparts

  • Racism doesn’t go away if we ignore it.


 (De)-Constructing an Anti-Racist Classroom

The (De)-Constructing an Anti-Racist Classroom course is a unique opportunity for educators to receive the knowledge, resources, and tools required to deconstruct their classrooms. The course will be delivered in person and three sequential modules. The Class 13 team will create a coaching environment supporting you to challenge racism and other forms of inequality and address concerns.  


Free Anti-Racist Teacher Resources

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“Thinking is an action. For all aspiring intellectuals, thoughts are the laboratory where one goes to pose questions and find answers, and the place where visions of theory and praxis come together.” - bell hooks

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Founder and Director


The first authority figures to assume I would have a propensity for misbehaviour or reinforce the idea that I was ‘non-academic' was from educators. Despite being published and holding undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in education, the non-academic label is still very much a part of my reflection.  

I’m most likely to quote bell hooks and Jay Z in the same sentence. As a lover of hip hop, I try my best to create images and use analogies to enable greater understanding. For example, in the same way, mercaptan is added to give gas a distinctive odour, I see Class 13's role to provide systemic inequality a distinct odour to alert teachers and professionals to the dangers.



Co Director


As education professionals we often talk about transferring thoughts and ideas into action which is not always easy in statutory institutions, and Class 13 has offered me this opportunity.  I am keen to pass on this opportunity to educators.  I have over 20 years working with families and young people, coming from training mostly in therapeutic practice.  I draw on this knowledge to widen perspectives. 


Outside of Class 13?⁠

Family and fatherhood, with a mid-adolescent to present joy and challenge (in relatively equal measure). Love of music with a pretty eclectic (still growing) collection of vinyl. I try to keep an eye on art and culture to inspire and challenge. All happily disturbed by occasional surf trips and generally messing around in the sea.⁠

'(I have an)...Improved vocabulary and knowledge when discussing race, racism, bias, whiteness, privilege. (I’m) less worried about "getting it wrong’

2019/20 Participant, KS1 Teacher

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